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Clinical Research Methodology Conference

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of this clinical research program?

In addition to seeing our residents excel clinically and technically, we would like to nurture their intellectual curiosity and intuition. As our knowledge evolves at an unprecedented pace, it is imperative for a neurosurgeon to critically appraise scientific evidence to inform his or her practice. 

Will I receive training for conducting clinical research?

Yes. Your Research Director is trained in health research methodology through the clinical epidemiology and biostatistics program at McMaster University, Canada.  You will be taught clinical research methodology systematically in monthly didactic sessions, which are fully integrated with the journal club and specific research projects. You will also be supported by the Clinical Research Unit during every step of a study - from the evolution of a research idea through publication. 

When will my clinical research training start?

Unlike most neurosurgical residencies, your clinical research training starts on Day One. Clinical research is integrated throughout the whole residency, starting at PGY-1, with a 6-month protected research period during your PGY-4.


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