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Residency Application

Starting as an AOA program, we have been an ACGME-accredited program since 2017.  We accept M.D. and D.O. applicants who have completed the COMLEX or USMLE. You must submit both steps 1 and 2 scores. The selection committee reviews applications on a holistic basis with careful consideration given to your letters of recommendation.


Please submit your application through ERAS by October 1, 2022. For questions regarding the application, please contact the program coordinator:


Annie Kaster, BA
Phone: 248-849-3403

Blue Water

Please Note:

For the 2023-24 ERAS Cycle, we are requiring applicants to submit Step 2 CK scores in order for their application to be considered.  

Benefits and Compensation
















Research, Educational, and Professional Development

  • Research conference presentation assistance- up to $2,000 per academic year

  • Institutional grants per resident project up to $7,500

  • Publication assistance up to $2,000 per publication

  • Annual resident educational funds: $1,000-$3,250

  • Annual out-of-state elective subsidy of up to $10,000 per academic year.

For full information on our salary and benefits, please see our Detailed Benefits Document.

Any further questions can be directed to the program coordinator.

2022 Interview Process


  • Mar 7 - Elective information available on VSLO

  • Apr 15 - VSLO opens for applicants 

  • May 1 - Applicants notified of VSLO decisions

  • Jun 1 - Deadline to submit VSLO application 

  • Jun 8 - ERAS opens for applicants

  • Aug 1 - Supplemental ERAS application opens

  • Mid Sep/Oct - Virtual Sub-internship opens

  • Sep 16 - Supplemental ERAS application closes

  • Sep 28 - Programs begin receiving applications

  • Oct 3 - ERAS application deadline 

  • Oct 7 - Begin sending out invitations 

  • Nov 18-20 - Interviews

  • Feb 1 - Rank Opens 

  • Mar 1 - Rank List Due

  • Mar 17 - Match Day

Medical Students

Elective Rotation for Medical Students

Applicants are highly encouraged to participate in an elective rotation. Four-week rotations are offered. Feel free to check with the program coordinator, Annie Kaster, for current availability.

If you are a student from Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine, or Osteopathic medicine, please complete this form and return it to

For all other students, please visit our page on the Visiting Learning Opportunities (VSLO) to apply. If our VSLO page is not available, please directly contact

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be offering virtual and in-person sub-internship for external medical student rotations for 2022. 

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