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About Our Neurosurgical Residency Program

Our strength is extremely high clinical volume, especially in minimally invasive spine surgery, a robust cerebrovascular and brain tumor program with technically superb faculty.

Our goal is to help you master basic and advanced surgical skills in spine and brain procedures to serve your communities with compassion and character.

Our learning environment is cohesive and mutually supportive.

About Our Sub-Internship

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be offering virtual sub-internships to interested fourth-year medical students. Our interactive virtual sub-internship consists of live interactive demonstrations and small group sessions with program faculty and residents.  


We strived to simulate as closely as possible an in-person sub-internship.


Sep 12th - 23th, 2022


October 17th - 28th, 2022

These rotations are two weeks long (M-F), 3-4 hours daily sessions. You will participate in a variety of didactic and procedural sessions,  be able to ask questions and interact with neurosurgical faculty and residents. Your activities will include:
Virtual daily rounds, focused case discussions, M&M, tumor board, journal club, didactics,  live procedural and brain-cutting demonstrations, facility tour, Program Director Q&A, and resident meet-and-greet. 
Students are expected to give a brief virtual presentation on selected didactic/research topics at the end of their rotation.


Goals & Objectives

In compliance with the Society of Neurological Surgeons Policy on external student rotations during the COVID-19 pandemic, recommendations will follow a standardized format. As such, as much as possible, given the limitations with the virtual format, you will be evaluated on aspects of patient care, medical knowledge, knowledge pertaining to procedural and technical skill, research, initiative and drive, professionalism and communication, and coachability.

Most importantly, allow you to gain insight into our program and whether this will be the right program for you.

2022 Sub-Internship Application Process

In addition to the application, please submit your CV, personal statement, transcripts, current photo, at least one letter of recommendation, and your USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX-USA Level 1 exam score reports. 

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